Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michelle and the 1 Train – NYC

Written 7th May 2009-06-28 at Dean & Deluca

I was on the ‘1’ train in NYC today, when I squeezed myself with my shopping bags to sit between two ladies. A couple of stops later, the slightly older Latino lady to my left says to me in a thick Spanish accent: “your face like Michelle Obama. You have face like Michelle Obama (as she’s gesturing with her hand in a circular motion around her face)”. Then she says again “she’s a very nice simple lady, you look like her. Anybody ever told you that before?” Other than me to myself, I think to myself, chuckling and I say, pretending to be modestly gracious, “no” I say. She raises her eyebrows in faint surprise, then she smiles and nods. Her stop is next at 59th Street. We greet each other warmly and she waves to me goodbye.

After an extremely wet and rainy day, pounding the pavement, shoes soaked through, that was a welcoming compliment. ‘Compliment’ you say? Yes. After all, I’ve only spent the last 18 months gawking at, collecting EVERY magazine with her (Michelle) on the cover, read the books written on her, about to purchase the lateste newly released book written about her; pleasurably following her every style move and have spent the last five and a half months trying to finish an article that I’ve been writing on her. So yes – compliment and a half it was J.

Till we meet someday soon; so that I can put myself out of my misery? Watch this space. The universe has a way of magically aligning the stars, so watch this space.

P.S. Did you see her at the Time 100 Gala dinner? Divine. Maybe I should start a ‘Saymama on Michelle Series’. Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

thats is SOOOOOOOOO a compliment,she taps majorly!

my husband has seen a definite change in my stylin', he now asks 'arent' you wearing your obama belt today?'

first time i wore a cardi with a skinny croc skin belt, he was like, ' ki le leyi o'

my daily dose of has me buzzing to go into work the next day..i think you'll like the site

J said...

as you admire and study her, i admire and study him. everyday, i read about his governance and politics, wanting a deeper understanding of who he is and where he is going.

there is much to learn from both of them, and most of us will do well to pay attention how they are a couple.

they are not just the first couple; they are the present and lasting model of what a professional black couple can and should look like.

Saymama said...

@Anonymous: lol..thank you for the link with I had no idea it existed. I love it! I shall be adding that to my list.

@J - I completely agree with you. More than anything else, I really do think that they are a lasting model of what a modern day progressive (and black) relationship should look like...beyond the fantasy, I think they are real, and I'm sure dealing with real everyday relationship issues and just committed to staying the course - which is what makes the difference in the end.

Anonymous said...

Miss T.
You definitely possess her class and her grace, but calling a spade a spade, you fine pass am!

Ola T, said...

I think this story is adorable. Most people don't speak on the 1 train. What a nice latina woman.