Friday, March 06, 2009

Michelle in March

I've been working on an opinion piece on my girl Michelle and I think it's time that I finish it up and post! It's a shame that there's nothing on this blog yet about Michelle, as much as I've been watching, following and studying her for the past 18 months and more. So must and WILL rectify in next few days.

I have been collecting all magazines I can find with her on the cover. Some covers make her look great while a few others don't do her enough justice. I'm yet to physically possess my copy of Vogue's March edition with Michelle on the cover, but as far as I can see, I expected waaaaay better! Oprah's O Magazine has the 'bazillionnaire' sharing cover vanity and glory with someone for the first time ever and guess with who! Again, I don't know what the cover artist/photographer/editor was thinking but they look like a camera shot caught them not quite ready to pose. They should have had them standing back to back in a Charlie's Angels-type pose or something :-). Again, not enough justice done to my girl. But I don't mind, I'll gawk and marvel anyway. But I decided to rectify the issue by adding a photo of her looking beyond gorgeous in this fantastic Peter Soronen number and that stunning necklace she had going with it at the Governor's Ball in February. Haute. This is a First Lady unlike no other. Talk about heating it up at the White House. Barack ti she kona. We now have a bonafide babe in the White House.
More to come. I promise.


Anonymous said...

Nice piece. Actually, why do you remind me so much of Michelle Saymama?

Saymama said...

Hmmm..interesting that you should say that :-).

Anonymous said...

Why so Saymama, you dont see the similarities?

Whole Truths said...

Michelle Obama gives impetus and a new renaissance to young Black, Women. She's unbelievable! Barack tells a story of his first day in the US senate. While he was relaxing reclined on his office seat, his wife calls him. His newly assigned secret service detail's outside and just walks in when the phone rings and its Michelle. An excited Barack picks up the phone and then puts the call on speaker. After which he proceeds to tell Michelle how wonderful his day had been. The only reply Michelle gives is "that's nice dear, i think we have rats, please get some rat traps on your way home. Thanks and she hangs up! Only a confident wife who is intent on grounding her husband will do this!
Anyways i hope you've heard the new GTBank Theme song by ASA?! I put a link on my Blog!

Poor African said...

Michelle is the most beautiful lady I've ever seen.