Friday, March 06, 2009

M.i. Album Review

I don’t quite know who’s behind this album, nor do I know who M.I is or what his real name is (ok, I think I made it out to be Jude from one of his lyrics), or what his story is (I also made out that his parents are evangelists and he’s from Jos) or what his earlier claim to fame is. But I trust that more will unfold as we get to know him better. I’ll do more homework on that later. But he’s literally outta the blue and he’s a smash hit already. His entrance into the crowding Naija music scene reminds me of when Jill Scott first came out with ‘Who’s Jill Scott’ back in 2000 and I remember being in the HMV store on Walnut Street back in Philly with a group of friends pawing the album all over and were literally like “who “is” Jill Scott? And the rest as they say is history. The ENTIRE M.I. album rocks and is a perfect antidote for a ride through maddening Victoria Island traffic with your air-conditioner straining for relevance through the scorching Lagos heat. Turn up the volume in your car and you will find yourself bobbing your head from side to side with people in the car beside you wondering what the heck you’re so happy about. M.I. really does make it all ok, at least for that moment. I know I refer to traffic a lot in my music reviews, but that really is the best time to listen to music as you’re stuck in it and there’s nothing else to do!

His lyrics are political, serious and playful all at the same time. I will continue to say and advocate if I must, that in new Nigeria, the cup of talent runneth over. M.I. along with some of my other favorite Nigerian artistes continues to attest to this. Grab your copy from your nearest ‘streetpreneur’, that’s if they have any left from the slam-fest that is this album all across Nigeria and beyond.

Favorite tracks on repeat:
13. Money (this I literally have on repeat permanently); 15.Jehovah; 16.Hustle; 4.Short Black Boy; 5.Teaser (this is a brilliantly done track with a unique blend of raspy dancehall and hip hop); 6. Talk About It (this track is a real hoot. Listen to the words carefully.)
Saymama gives 5 ***** (out of 5) stars for great effort.


Dayo said...

Mehnnn!!!! We really are related. Just read this entry, after listening to the album for a week, and I wake up in the morning singing the lyrics to "Money", and play it while i'm showering, while i'm driving..all the damn time! The other songs are mad hot too. I'm not really up on my Nigerian music game, but this is the first ALBUM i've heard by a Nigerian artist (other than Asa), i.e. an entire compilation of songs, not a few singles interspersed with rubbish (i'm lookin' at you, D'banj). So, yes, this "short black guy" gets a massive thumbs-up from me.



t said...

the way this music makes me feel...high for real.

Anonymous said...

I wasnt going to comment, but after Orchid Bistro-which is really nice, good food, cappucino, nice and neat place, you bring M.I- i was literally shouting in my office.

All the tracks are hot its 2010, and i had to get another of the cd (as someone stole it from my car)

I think we can be friends, you feel me :)