Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Naeto C - Artist and Album Review

Storm Records’ newest Naija cross- over sensation, Naeto C, is making his contribution to the ever changing ever fresh Naija music and export-worthy scene. I saw him in concert for the time a few weeks ago at the D'Banj album launch. He was quite good, appeared a bit shy, but I'm sure with more stage experience he will get better.
Naeto’s roots I find particularly interesting. He’s among a new crop of guys bursting onto the music scene in naija (and by no means do I mean to come off as elitist inclined here): aje butter aso boys abandoning the ‘must please daddy and do something respectable with my life (doctor, lawyer, IT Guru, bleh bleh)’ who are pursuing their passions and delving fully into the arts (music in this case).

A profession formerly perceived to be unrespectable (somewhat) and non-lucrative; left for the high, rebellious and mostly school-drop out ilk. There’s since been a paradigm shift, that you can be well schooled and well brought up and pursue a career in music in ‘Nigeria’ “AND” be successful at it, financially and socially. The other notion in the past is that Nigerian aspiring artists had a better chance of achieving stardom in the West - SEAL, Sade, Femi Kuti, Nayo – to name a few. Now it’s cool to be proudly Nigerian ‘in’ Nigeria. And so it should be.

Naeto C is young, fresh, quite authentic and very much a repping member of the new Facebook generation. His album is an excellent groove to play while driving through Carter Bridge traffic on a pressure-free Saturday evening. For the first time, I don’t really have anyone to compare him to, which I think means he’s holding down his own with no references necessary. According to TP, his brand of music is poetry with street cred.

Naeto makes it easy to be Nigerian but still have multiple identities with easy global appeal for all, whether you’re Nigerian or not.

Purchase your copy from your nearest steetpreneur ;-). Saymama gives 4 stars (out of 5).

Fave tracks:
8 – I’ve Been
9 – One 4 Me feat. Wande Coal
7 – Lagos City Hustler*****
15 – Bami lo feat. Morell
10 – Ashewo feat. Wande Coal


Dayo said...

Lol. You may not mean to sound elitist, but you do. Good point though...once anything becomes lucrative, even the "elite" will start doing it. Kudos, Naeto. More power to u. A-HALL STAND UP!! :-)

Oladipo T. said...

"By no means do I mean to come off as elitist inclined here"

Has your subscription to Ovation lapsed?

You can renew it online :)

tankojjetty said...

nice review...but 4????
well, i gave him 6.4 out of 10...
good album, yes
amazing...hmmm, not sure...
it was a nice effort though

Saymama said...

@ Dayo and Oladipo T - I was never a fan of the likes of Ovation magazine, but your sarcasm is humorously well received :-). But whether you see it or not, music in Nigeria was heavily segregated in the past between those who sort of fell into it because they had fewer choices and those that went into it as an act of rebellion towards a higher authority that felt they should be doing else with their lives, etc. I'm sure you get my point. So I'm not being elitist, I'm suggest stating things as I've observed them over the years.

@tankojjetty - I thought he deserved a 4 out of 5 o..reservedly I might add..but let me encourgae the dude..LOL. Good debut effort. Guys like him get better with age and experience. He is talented.