Monday, July 28, 2008

Celebrating Me..

It's my birthday and as of today, I'm officially not 31 anymore as I was yesterday. There. I said it. I was going to sob about that, but I've decided not to. So today, I'm making a conscious decision to embrace and love myself and make a conserted effort to forge ahead like as though the challenges of yesterday did not exist. So I have come up with a list of birthday resolutions as well as 'slightly-past' mid year re-resolutions. I think that publishing this will force me to make an effort to accomplish those things. So here goes ( and this is by no means exhaustive)..
  • Love me more

  • Fear not, mull not, just do it

  • Get back into the gym and stop being afraid of passing out at first try

  • Tidy up on securing funding for projects

  • Get back to working on my book before the idea and concept shrivels up in my mind

  • Work harder on my friendships - call more, email more and not rely soley on facebook for primary interaction! (pathetic almost)

  • Finish ALL uncompleted personal tasks and projects and I mean like yesterday!

  • Get on those advanced french classes I've been trying to take for past 2 years

  • Investigate photography classes and up my 'amateur' photography game

  • Investigate TBS franchise opportunity for West Africa

  • Alter my sometimes attitude to life: be more solutions oriented!

  • Get Olori website up up up!

My optimism runneth over. I'm also going to learn to celebrate myself. How hard can that be? Happy Birthday to Me! It is Saymama's celebration week. Check back shortly for daily postings in lieu of this for the next one week.


Oladipo said...

Happy Birthday Saymama.

All the Best,

-Oladipo T.

kemikalreactions said...

Hope you had a great birthday Saymama ;-) I'm with you on all those noble resolutions o - may God help us to make them more than just words on paper. Amen!!

Saymama said...

Amen to that sista!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated 32d Birthday Saymama, I wish you all the best in calabrating you more.
And I look forward to reading the book when it is published, to speaking french with you and reading Molière in his own language...

jermain said...

now that is a list. that is the toyin i used to know. breathing fire in every thing she did and wanted to do. the world needs more of you. and you need to tell me about this book!

Anonymous said...

Hey ore... it's Agbe-D I finally got round to reading the blog from start to finish... cool beans. Go ahead with the celebrations which are long overdue. May God celebrate you too. 'Bout to start blogging- don't know what about- for now I've been trolling/tramping around blogville responding anonymously to different posts and it's been quite therapeutic... so I might soon as I find a name worthy of the madness which is my brain tty soonest.

Saymama said...

Thanks y'all...Kemikal I did have a memorable birthday and your being there made it extra special.

@ Agbe-D - Finally you grace my blog! Thanks o jare..I'm looking forward to reading yours too..I know you have plenty in that your head to put down on paper dare I say..LOL.

Anonymous said...

"Work harder on my friendships - call more, email more and not rely soley on facebook for primary interaction! (pathetic almost)"



nneoma said...

Happy Belated Birthday - I love your reflections on turning 32. I just recently discovered your blog.

Saymama said...

Hi Nneoma..thank you very much for the belated wishes. Pls check back often, hopefully I won't bore you to death with my ramblings..

Checked out your blog too. Insightful.