Friday, December 05, 2008

The Antipathy of Love..

What do you do when love leaves?
When love stops talking to you, it stops seeing who you really are, it stops looking into your eyes,
When love stops loving you?
What do you do while watching love fade, watching it lose its lustre, its shine,
When it starts to lose its meaning?
What do you do when your heart stops skipping and fluttering and that, leaving an empty hollow sound...faint..
What do you do when loves walks past you and doesn't even stop to look at you anymore?
What do you do when love is dead.

This thing called love, so pure, yet so hard to keep, so strong, yet so frail, ..
The love that once was, just sits here, in the quiet, gazing with a blank stare,
wondering and waiting..
directionless, floating....
Gentle, now gone.


Anonymous said...

There is no way love can leave us, it lives within us, we are love, our main purpose here is to love, love love and love.

True love is not blind like my father would say, true love sees and accepts, if not accepting then it isn't love.

Isn't it supposed to set us free, love is in your eyes and it stares back at you every time you look at it.

Because saymama you are a sexy, savy, smart, sensitive, and you are all about love.

So love because you are love and you are loved, truly...

Chika said...

Ok, what is inspiring this one?

Saymama said...

@ Anonymous, thank you for the compliments. Saymama is flattered and trully appreciates.

@Chika, this is from my extensive too-shy-and-yet-unpublished stack of poetry that I have had for years and years. Just felt like sharing this one. Worry not :-). Lots more where that came from!