Friday, December 14, 2007

A Music Review: Chrisette Michele

I sort of fell upon this artist by accident. I'd heard her popular single on the radio a few times in Philly - 'Be Ok' - and loved it. Had vaguely read about her on a blog and maybe a mention here and there in a couple of magazines, but nothing really registered. But just on the strength of how much I liked the single, I decided to buy the album. I gambled. I hadn't purchased any new music in a while, primarily because I'm not really keen on what's going on in the music space at the moment, especially in the R&B/Hip Hop genres. Now after playing the entire album the first time (and it's been on permanent rotation ever since), I absolutely looove it! Chrisette Michele is unbelieveably talented, in that rare but genuine way, and she lends an incredibly refreshing voice and style to the music arena at the moment. I'd even go as far as to say that this has got to be the best album of the year. She reminds me of a modern day Billy Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald - heart-rung jazz - but with an element of intense sweetness. She's young, fresh, wholesome and authentic.
All the tracks are fantastic, but my favorites are:
- Best of Me (track 4)
- Is this the way love feels*****(track 13)
- Golden*****(track 9)
- Be Ok****(track 7)
I guess I love this album, this amazing piece of work, so much because it speaks to my current state of mind; peaceful, renewed, confident, free, joyful, and almost in love..again...with life. I almost feel like I could have written the words to some of those songs myself.
I hope Chrisette Michele is here to stay. I wish her continued success. But please support this artist and go buy the album or download it from iTunes. You won't regret it.
Saymama gives it 5 out of 5 stars ***** :-). Check her out here.


Laura Adiba said...

I absolutely adore her, she's got one of the most unique voices. My fav song of her's is "Love is You" I put that hours long on replay.

Naki said...

what about "let's rock"? golden is soooo great! wouldn't it ge good for a first dance at a wedding reception?

Iyaeto said...

Let's Rock is my favourite track any day!