Sunday, July 01, 2007

Seven Things...

1. That I'm grateful for the gift of life, which I took for granted without even knowing. I have a new leash on life right now and won't ever compromise or take my health, or my happiness for granted again.

2. That deep down, I really want to love and be loved back in return.

3. That for the past seven or eight years, I've had a crush on one of my favorite mentors..(he may or may not be freaked out by this crazy revelation). He is 'the' most amazing man I know. "THE".

4. That I really can't imagine life without my mother. Not now, not ever.

5. That if I'm not married in the next two years, I've decided that I'm going to adopt a baby girl.

6. That even if I marry in two years, I'm going to adopt a baby girl anyways!

7. That losing my aunt to HIV late last year, really brought this epidemic home to me. It's still so hushed in our society and seen only as the 'poor man's disease'. The denial to HIV and AIDS in our society, especially amongst the elite is shameful.

+1: That it's important that one marries or ends up with the best sex they've ever had. The number of young African (Nigerian) women settling for mediocre or lousy sex in long term partnerships is alarming. Catastrophic even!

Thanks to Jeremy for this idea.


SeVeN said...

Hey sweetness, saw the link and thought to check it out. Its different from the kind of thing i would sit & readl, but definitely feels like a breath of fresh air. Good on 'ya.
The ashamed one (a blast from the past)!

Saymama said...

Glad you liked what you saw. Thanks for stopping by.

tony said...

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Ky said...

Hey girl!

So what does one do if one finds the great sex in a lousy man? Or a great man with lousy sex? In the former case, I would hope you would not let the pleasures of the flesh rule. In the latter case, have him read a book or have some fun teaching some improvements.

Good luck!


Saymama said...

But Papa Ajasco, out of all the things on the list, na only dis one you zero in on to commentize on! But I'd have you know, self-tutoring via books have been known not to help!!

Ky said...

Sista Say, na dat one wey make me jam brake! The others were deep, sweet, poignant ... but that +1 ...

Having no experience in the book-led self-instruction, I cannot comment further other than to say self-instruction has to be preferable, regardless of result, to self destruction through liaising with a thug who can, you know ...

Stay sweet, keep writing ...


Anonymous said...

Hey Saymama
When are going to be blogging again? Need a muse? guess your are busy with the new leash on life, please do share

Saymama said...

Hello Anonymous, I do have a lot to share and a lot of material that I just haven't published yet. I keep procastinating! But check back in a day or so and you'll have plenty to read. But thanks for stopping by!